“I took Bethany’s sleep class before my son was born to help learn necessary tools to help my son sleep better from the moment we got home from the hospital. Bethany was very personable and really opened my eyes to different methods to approach sleeping with my son.

She gave great advice regarding setting a routine, and also being flexible to the cues of your own baby. The best advice that we put into practice was to set a sleep routine within the first month so you can avoid as many pitfalls as possible. With the advice from Bethany, it was fairly easy to teach our son night versus day, and help him learn his bedtime by 1 month old. Although he would still wake to dream feed once per night, he had a consistent sleep schedule from 8:30pm to 7am by six weeks old!”

Chardonnay Poole

“After over two months of sleepless nights, I began to think this was the new norm to my life. Contacting Bethany was the best decision I made not only for my husband and I, but for our new baby. Bethany is heavily experienced in this field, and her advice and constant support along the way have helped give us the confidence to get on a schedule and stay on it.

Within days of working with Bethany, I saw improvements in my son’s sleep, both at naps and nighttime. Having a game plan and knowing what my next step is gives me back a sense of control in my life that I have greatly missed. Bethany gave our whole family the best gift we could have asked for…the gift of sleep!”

Kerri Westmoreland, baby Townes

“Bethany was such a comforting voice when I was struggling to get my baby to sleep and take naps. She was extremely empathetic during our phone consults as I explained the issues we were having. In no way did I feel like she was pushing her own sleep ideals onto me, but she helped me define what my sleep goals were and how to achieve them. Once she understood my needs, she laid out a plan that absolutely worked!

I know there were faster ways to get my little one to sleep, but I was extremely comfortable with the plan Bethany gave me. She even checked up on me to see how it was going. I would highly recommend talk with her if you are having sleep issues with any of your kiddos!”

Moriah Smith, baby Caleb

“Babies do not come with instruction manuals, but Bethany is the next best thing! When my husband and I were struggling with sleep issues, Bethany rescued us by creating a schedule, teaching us how to swaddle properly, using a pacifier appropriately, and other soothing/calming techniques. We are truly grateful for Bethany, as she empowered us and calmed our first-time parent fears. Thank you so much Bethany!”

Mario and Angela Ubalde

"I have known Bethany for many years and since my daughter was born she has had wonderful suggestions in all stages of life, so when we started having some nap issues I decided to contact Bethany with what I thought was a simple question about transitioning from 2 naps to 1 nap. Bethany promptly called me and spent over an hour discussing what was going on with my daughter and her naps.

She gave me a couple ideas of ways people deal with the specific issue we were dealing with, but the best part was that she then really listened to the details of our family life and help me figure out what option worked best for my daughter and our family. She suggested we try something for a week and touch base to see how it was working. Within a week I was sold! Sanity was regained to our house through Bethany’s help. Bethany knew we were only about a month and a half away from a new arrival to our house and help to prioritize what would be most beneficial for our family at that time and moving forward with a newborn.

Not only are we all better rested now, but I feel like I am able to enjoy my time with my daughter more without having to stress or fight sleeping issues (at least for this week). Bethany has also multiple times since our original conversation checked in to see how we are doing and if what she suggested is still working. I am very type a, and Bethany does a great job of giving very concrete ideas to problem solve sleep issues, but also helping put my mind at ease when life gets in the way and things don’t go as planned. Thanks Bethany!"

Amanda Boardman, baby Madison

“My baby boy, Christian, was 6 weeks old when we called Bethany out of desperation. He was crying and cranky all the time, sleeping all day one day and then crying and awake all day the next, and of course hardly sleeping at all at night. No schedule, totally unpredictable. It was driving me crazy, we were all at our wit’s end! Bethany came over and explained to us how babies love being on a schedule and the importance of coaxing him into a set pattern. He took to it right away and in about 4 weeks time, he was sleeping right through the night!

He is now an amazing sleeper, from 7:30pm to 7:00am everyday, and needs no handholding to fall asleep for bedtime or naptime. We zip him up in his blanket wrap and he’s off. When I see friends who have elaborate sleep routines like lying in bed with them until they doze off, or such, I feel so blessed that we got this guy trained early! Bethany gave us our sanity back and I believe she helped my baby start off on a lifetime of good sleep habits!”

Jade Sheppard, baby Christian

Bethany was a lifesaver helping me figure out how to get my daughter back on track with her sleep schedule. I first met Bethany at a sleep class which she gave — a fantastic course that set the base for how I started to implement sleep training. However, after the class and at about 7 weeks my daughter started to get off of her sleep routine. Bethany patiently and kindly helped me figure out different strategies to implement and get the little one (and mamma) back on track!”

Dr. Victoria M. DeFrancesco Soto, baby Victoria

“I hadn’t slept well in 6 mo and couldn’t find it in me to move my baby to her crib. I really didn’t know what to do and needed help. Bethany did a consult with us and spent a few nights here helping me, walking me through it. I was extremely nervous about starting sleep training and Bethany made it bearable. She really helped us through a huge milestone. Violet is taking her second 2 hour nap of the day. Best money I have spent in a long time. All I can say is Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Beverly Crenshaw, baby Violet

Bethany Allen is simply marvelous at what she can do to help families get their sanity back! We have twin boys and were just zombies after 6 months of waking every 3 hours through the night.

I bought the sleep books, tried to implement them and failed. Bethany came into our home, met the boys and us, talked for closed to 3 hours, answering questions and easing our minds that out babies wouldn’t be screaming for hours on end for weeks at a time. She helped us feel better about our decision to move the boys into the nursery and help them sooth themselves to sleep with some gentle touches from us. As parents who follow a large portion of attachment parenting beliefs, this was tough.

The result: In less than a week they were sleeping from 7pm-7am. They now sleep through teething, fevers, etc and the whole household is happier and healthier. Our only regret was not reaching out sooner. Just do it and get your sanity back!!"

David, & Sarah Shanklin, babies Sam and Jack

"The sleep services from Bethany Allen were excellent and were a tremendous help to me as a first-time mom.

When my son was 3 weeks old, we recognized that we had a serious sleeping problem on our hands.
He would eat for 30 minutes, sleep for an hour, and it would go on like that 24 hours a day. Plus, he had his days and nights flip flopped. Needless to say, my husband and I were worn out and didn’t know what to do, but we knew something had to change.

We hired Bethany, she came to our home and met our baby, she wrote us a sleep plan, and stayed one night overnight so that my husband and I could get some rest. We started implementing her plan right away, which included: an eating and sleeping schedule, tools to ensure he was actively eating so there was not a question of whether or not he was hungry, and tools on how to put him to sleep and put him back to sleep if he woke up. Like most new moms, I questioned my milk supply, but after implementing her plan for 2 weeks, I was confident my milk supply was fine. She also helped me to figure out what his cries meant, especially identifying hunger vs. tired. Over the next few weeks, she stayed in touch with me by text message to answer questions and help me troubleshoot.

The first week implementing the sleep plan was tough. I would say it took a good 3-4 days of consistency before we got into a good rhythm. By 6 weeks we were only waking up once in the middle of the night to eat (between 11pm-8am). A huge improvement from where we were. He is now almost 9 weeks old and he slept through the night for the first time last night! Fingers crossed this continues! Overall, great experience and I would definitely recommend Bethany Allen."

Tara Yukawa, baby Kenzo

"We found Bethany Allen when our son was 9 months old. We had tried everything we could think of to improve his sleep, and just kept hitting a wall. Things seemed to be getting worse, rather than better, and tension in our house was high- – not to mention we were all VERY tired. After our initial meeting with Bethany, I had a sense of empowerment with the situation that I hadn’t felt before.

We started implementing our plan that same day and as crazy as it sounds, we saw improvement on the second night. Within a week we saw major changes (sleeping through the night and scheduled naptimes/feedings) and within two weeks all of that was happening with minimal crying. Since going through the program we’ve had several setbacks with sleep due to normal things like illness, nap transitions, etc., but the knowledge and confidence we gained implementing Bethany’s plan has allowed us to deal with those things quickly and effectively. I cannot say enough how thankful I am that we finally decided to reach out and ask for help, and I would urge anyone out there who feels lost or helpless in their sleep-situation to do the same. You WILL sleep again… and it’s every bit as good as you remember!"

Anna Horn, baby Houston

My son was a very active, bright-eyed, and stubborn little boy (and he still is!). Bethany helped bring order and structure to our lives in a way that no book or blog could ever have. She makes plans actionable. We started working with her when my son was 6 weeks old. We already had some things in place to help with his sleep: feeding routines, swaddle, white noise, set bedtime.

As first time parents, Bethany gave us the reassurance, guidance, and the push we needed. Immediately she was like a sister I could call – texting, answering emails, giving me support and helping me make decisions.

She helped us set an appropriate schedule (and shift it as the weeks went by), gave us trouble-shooting tips, helped us move him from the bassinet to a crib, and got our son sleeping 12 straight hours at night starting at 14 weeks old – something I never thought could happen for my kid even though books tell you it can. It can! Bethany will help you get there."

Evelyn Galante, baby Wes

Let me just start by saying that Bethany is a professional. She takes her role in the care and support of families seriously. When she says she provides email/text support she means support. She would check in with me consistently every day to see how things were going. I would often text her throughout the day with question after question after question and she would respond immediately so that I could actually implement her suggestions in real time. I would send rambling long emails that didn’t make much sense to me when I read them back but she understood everything I was communicating and would always follow up same day with practical solutions that really worked.

Bethany started working with our family when our son, Finn, was 5 weeks old. Finn was happy during the day, sleeping and eating well in a pretty consistent feed/wake/sleep cycle but the night was a different story – he didn’t sleep for more than 30 minutes at a time broken up by 2-3 hour fussy awake sessions. I initially reached out to Bethany exhausted and looking for overnight doula support thinking that Finn was too young to start sleep training. She responded right away and after a phone consultation we decided to move forward with an in-home consultation, sleep plan, and 2 weeks of email/text/phone support.

The written sleep plan she provided was indispensable to everyone in our family. She provided tips for so many different scenarios so that we were prepared and knew what to try when a random wake up would occur. She also customized our sleep plan to meet the needs and goals of our family which was so important in those early weeks/months when we were finding our way as new parents to Finn.

This is all apart from the results! The first day I called Bethany I was in tears after a long night of no sleep. Within a week Finn was on a consistent nap and night schedule. Here is a quote from an email I sent to Bethany on day 10: 'We had another good night last night – Finn slept from 10:45pm – 3:00 am, then ate then back down at 3:45 and up at 7 am.' This was such a shift for us – to go from sleepless nights of trying to feed and soothe to actual 4 – 5 hours of consistent sleep. Once we made this transition I was actually able to start enjoying motherhood and really bond with Finn.

As I am writing this Finn is a happy, healthy 6 month old who has been sleeping from 7pm-7am since he was 4 months old with consistent daily naps. I truly feel like we are in such a good place now because of the support we had from Bethany in the early weeks and months.
We cannot thank her enough and I would recommend her to every new parent struggling with sleep!"

Leah Robertson, baby Finn

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