Here are some evidence-based articles and research on the science of sleeping habits, naps, circadian rhythms, night terrors, SIDS, and much more.


How do I know if I need professional help?

If you feel “stuck” with your child’s current sleep situation, I’d be honored to assess the issues to see if  my services  would benefit you and be a good fit for your family. Unless there is a medical reason, our assessments and continual trouble-shooting skills will surely bring to light the root problems along with multiple creative strategies on how to solve them.

I’ve been waiting to see if my child will grow out of this. Is that possible?

Sure, all things are possible, right? So, if you want to wait, go for it! That’s the beauty of parenting! From my experience however, most children do not “grow out” of their sleep issues. Most sleep issues occur from a lack of what parents are not doing to set their child up to be a good sleeper, or implementing things that interfere with learning new skills. As a parent, you want to encourage ways your child will succeed in getting the appropriate amount of restful sleep for their age. There are many strategic things you can do in order to accomplish this. Sleep training is a SKILL, which means it must be taught and practiced to successfully achieve completion. Babies are not born with that skill (which is why do all the crazy things we do as new parents like rock to sleep, nurse to sleep, hold while sleeping, use a pacifier or a swing etc.). I come alongside families with your specific family dynamics and values, and assist you in the knowledge, encouragement and implementing process needed for your child to learn these

new skills.

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