Rescue Me

This is ideal for past clients and parents who already know what they are doing and just have a few troubleshooting questions. This can be used for babies and toddlers of all ages. However, in order to best serve you, you must submit your questions previous to scheduling a phone consult to ensure the phone call will meet your needs and you do not need additional support.

$99/hour* (one hour minimum) and then billed additionally for each quarter hour



Refresh Me

This is ideal for parents who need help with transitions such as changing a baby’s schedule, dropping naps, moving from crib to bed, etc. This is only offered to parents who have previously purchased a package within the last year.

Package includes:

  • One 45 minute phone consult
  • One week email support





Can be added to any package

Daytime Support

If you need some hands-on guidance and support for nap times. Based on the specific needs of the family.


Nighttime Support

If you would like me to come out and do the sleep training overnight for you OR if you would like me to come and evaluate your babies’ sleep issues before or after purchasing a package. There is an 8-12 hour minimum based on specific needs of the family.



$75* extra charge.

Additional week of support




*All online transactions will be subject to a 3% credit card fee, included in the checkout total. You may also pay via check.

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