Everyone should have a village of helping hands while they navigate the unexpected twists and

turns of the newborn stage. Austin’s Only Elite Les Clefs d’Or Dream Team Specialist would love to come make that transition smoother and more delightful.

**Daytime minimum of 4 hours, overnight minimum 8 hours**

The ultimate package with postpartum and sleep support from our leading experts. Is your baby “stuck” with things such as: nursing all night long (or every hour), repeated or unnecessary wake-ups in the night, short & infrequent naps, or some other challenge leading you to wonder if its possible to fix? OR maybe you have a brand new newborn and have the desire to stay on topYou are NOT alone!!

My fellow mamas and papas, if you are asking, “Can you help turn these nights around?” we've got you covered!! If you are ready to be educated, empowered, and fruitful in seeing real results, the foundation begins here.

Package Includes:

  • 100 postpartum hours

  • Sleep Needs Assessment

  • 1.5–2 Hour In-home Consult

  • Customized Sleep Plan

  • Four weeks of logging/text/email support to guide, encourage and troubleshoot

  • Four weekly calls to discuss changes throughout the week, how/what to shift in their daily


  • Updated Sleep Plans when needed

Price includes 4% processing fee

Optional Add Ons: Weighted Feed, Overnight Support

Upon completing our in-home assessment and receiving your specialized sleep plan, “Bethany’s Modus Operandi” implementation (weekly support) will begin -linked below. Our primary weekly goal is to actively remain aware, educated and empowered in regards to your baby’s physiological and psychological needs and changes, followed by then applying customized strategies & techniques resulting in reaping a harvest of benefits -AS A TEAM. Weekly assessment and communication is done via baby-logging app which includes daily texting/logging and weekly phone calls (additional in-home visits can be purchased if necessary).

Examples of daily/weekly rhythms assessed: Frequency and amounts of feedings/solids, extensive trouble-shooting for breast-feeding mamas, sleep needs and amounts, optimal environments, all things swaddling/paci/baby products, how to implement daily rhythms resulting in more predicable and lengthened naps/night-time sleep, proper bedtimes for different stages (actual times) and what routines matter and when!

Is your baby “stuck” with things such as: nursing all night long (or every hour), frequent or unnecessary wake-ups in the night, short naps, or some other day or night-time challenge leading you to wonder if its possible to fix?

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