This is ideal for past clients and parents who already know what they are doing and just have a few troubleshooting questions. This can be used for babies and toddlers of all ages. However, in order to best serve you, you must submit your questions previous to scheduling a phone consult to ensure the phone call will meet your needs and you do not need additional support.

Please Note: Thirty minute calls cannot be broken up into multiple calls, but 1 hr and 3 hour package can be broken into multiple calls and used within a year’s time.

Price includes 4% processing fee

This is ideal for parents who need help with transitions such as changing a baby’s schedule, dropping naps, moving from crib to bed, etc. This is only offered to parents who have previously purchased a package within the last year.

Package includes:

  • One 45 minute phone consult

  • One week email support

**Please note that each newborn implementing session will look a little different based on individual family needs, timing of consult, and time spent on additional focus areas desired by the family

**Babies over 14 weeks do not come with a nap implementing session included during the consult

Price includes 4% processing fee

Phone: ‭+1 (979) 204-6520‬

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